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I am me and that's all I can be...I'm not perfect and never claimed to be...but I am happy with who I am and with the decisions I have made in my life... NoBOdy perfectly noe EvERYTHINg AbouT me... I am a daughter, a SisteR, a Grand-Daughter, A niece, a cousin, a FrienD, a StudeNt, a Young girl And a grown woman. I aM confident And SCArED, TERRIFied anD exited. I am LovING AND cARing and thoughtful anD hOPEful. I am Shy anD friendly, anD careful AND carleSS. I am hard working anD determined But a little scared on tHe inside. I PraY to GOD and CrY My tEaRS. i listen To Others & olwez gave a chance for someone who deserved itz. I LoVE yoU anD I want yoU But nOt so close. I aM everything anD nothing alL at OnCE..feel free to visit my blog yaa..all about my Tales... Nell Heart you...
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Monday, February 27, 2012

tidak dapat tidur!

ermmmmm....mcm lain2 nhe aty...td ada bgtaw my bey...yg ada cikgu maw bawa p karoke...trus lain2 lah pula dia..den dia cakap apa2 jadi dia trus akan based on hubungan kami..so jan salahkan dia kalo dia tiba-tiba minta  putus...lain juga sia rasa nhe...sia nemaw bah dalam apa2 hal yg sia buat sia rasa terancam or nda selamat..haizzzzzz...ntah lah....susah maw cakap...lain btul sia rasa...baru sia maw tunjuk rajuk..tp dia macam nda peduli..haizzzzz...nda menjadi...nda taw lah nhe...bisuk sia tunggu dia duluan msj sia lah.....syg bah sia sama dia nhe even kadang2..betebiat btul perangai dia nhe...:)...sia akan jaga hati dia sebab btul2 sia syg nhe lelaki... :)

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