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I am me and that's all I can be...I'm not perfect and never claimed to be...but I am happy with who I am and with the decisions I have made in my life... NoBOdy perfectly noe EvERYTHINg AbouT me... I am a daughter, a SisteR, a Grand-Daughter, A niece, a cousin, a FrienD, a StudeNt, a Young girl And a grown woman. I aM confident And SCArED, TERRIFied anD exited. I am LovING AND cARing and thoughtful anD hOPEful. I am Shy anD friendly, anD careful AND carleSS. I am hard working anD determined But a little scared on tHe inside. I PraY to GOD and CrY My tEaRS. i listen To Others & olwez gave a chance for someone who deserved itz. I LoVE yoU anD I want yoU But nOt so close. I aM everything anD nothing alL at OnCE..feel free to visit my blog yaa..all about my Tales... Nell Heart you...
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i'm Lucky in Love side

hey..itz  3.00 am in d morning and i'm  still woke up....oh goshhhh....stupid lor diz eyes!! upssssss...waited a minute! itz not about my eyes lar..itz  about d  games i playing on facebook!itz makes me addicted!! CRIME CITY!!!hahaaaa...i want to text someone..but, dun want to disturbing him lar....i'm d one who can't sleep so dun makes a mess by disturbing others! tuntung kapala wooo!!heheeee....i'm so alone den makes me thinking..errrrmmmmm...now iz 24 July 2011...wowwwww..wat an amazing life i got..i'm surronded by Love....i've been thinking before....who am i in others life???? am i juz a mess??? a priority??? but den i reAlized...may be i'm juz a mess for others but LUCKY!!i'm also a priority for others to...

i'm a daughter for my family.....marvellous family i got! i'm lucky to been born in such diz family....family datz makes God as master in our life...datz makes spritual as a priority....i love dem so much! and i noe dey love me more to....heheeee...

feel lucky to av ol my great bezfrenz in diz life no matter girls or boyz....dey understand me juz d way i am..love me bcoz who i am not who i av...raise me up when i'm down, cheers me when i'm sad..let me alone when i'm really needs my own space...noe my fake smile when i'm pretend to be happy when i'm not.. love my crazy laughter..love my smile...hold me tight when i'm doing bad  and naughty....noe how to handle my anger...hate to saw my tear drops...and most of ol...dey love me and dey noe i love dem to.....feel lucky to av dem in my life..not one..but i av so much bezfrenz...dun u think i'm lucky????? hahaaaa

den lastly, pleaseeeee...please treat people the way u want be treat.....datz the key to being loved by people surronded u....if u wnt to be lucky like me....den love people the way dey are, not the way u want dem to be....Gud luck buddies.... Nell Heart you....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can't You?????

Can't you ?
Can't you see that I'm standing right here
Can't you notice that I'm always sitting near
Can't you tell just from the way I look at you
That the only person I think of is you
Can't you see that I laugh at every joke you tell
Can't you see that I'm a prisoner at one of your jail's cells
Can't you see that it's me
Can't you just see me at all
And how can you see
When you have 2 million friends to call
I don't need you to love me
I don't need you to drive me home
I just need you to see
To notice me when I bloom
I just need you to smile back
And reply when I say hi
I don't need you to respond to my remark
I just need you to listen to what I say
 I don't need you to give me advices
I just need you to talk to me when you read this
And to make me realizeThat

Can’t you ?
that  i'm still your.. ((T _ T))

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