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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Daddy Promise...

diz car so simple....bukan lar kreta dr luar negara..but diz car means a lot 4 me.... coz diz show my father love for  me...one moments yg btul2 sia nda dpt lupa iz when my daddy asked me pigi pilih warna kereta di kilang proton sana...oh my gosh!!!! bila kami sama2 pg urus e2 agreement untuk kreta..... i can describe amcm feeling sia tym tue... sia cuma cakap bebrapa kali yg i ned a car...n my father gave itz to me....sedangkan sia ada abg...i'm  juz d 2nd child dlm family sia....n sia nda pandai pun drive.....so much thing udah yg daddy bg sama sia....one of dem iz my piano....but satu yang sia nda dpt bayar iz... HIS LOVE... nobody can do those such things for me.... NOBODY....i love him so damn much! much more den i love my own self... 

N wat my promise to him????
 semua udah sia bwat....sia bwat my daddy naik pentas tym sia jadi pelajar cemerlang...i noe, dia bangga sama sia tym tue..n sia nampak dia cried when i show him my stpm  result.... tym sia masuk ums.....he said "impian dia udah tercapai" n of course....i'm happy to heard datz.... n one thing yg dia pernah cakap sama sia iz...
 " dia maw tinguk sya kahwin di gereja"
n nhe benda paling susah coz juz urng yg kudus n suci jak buli kawin church, n my partner also urng yg mesty satu church sama sia...huhu...4 sure, i'm promise him...i'll do wat he wish...  ^^

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